How To Get The Guy Of  Your Dreams

Guys can be a confusing and mysterious creature, but there are some basic rules to utilize in the wide world of dating that may be a smart place to start when wrangling one of them as your very own lover or boyfriend. Relationships can be the most meaningful and fulfilling aspects of life on one hand and the most miserable and difficult on the other. Having a plan on how to get the guy, to keep a guy, and get a guy back are all important avenues to your future happiness.

Putting together a battle plan to get the guy of your dreams this can keep you on track and can bring out creative ways to land you a guy. It can be just a list, but having something to lean on when emotions come into play may be a helpful tool to use in this adventure. I do have a  free guide in my sidebar that is extremely helpful, I  have received many testimonials to that effect, please use this guide and the only thing I ask is when it  helps or if it needs improvement please comment below. Your feedback can help others and is very important to me!

Top 5 Ways On How to Get The Guy You Want

  1. Always Be yourself. If he does not like the real you then he is not worth keeping around.
  2. Dress For Success Guys really like girls who have a great sense of style.
  3. Common Hobbies. Find something that you like to do together if you do not like football, don,t watch it, find something you both like to do
  4. Use Your Brain. The movies try to portray guys that like “dumb blonds” that is a false claim guys might not admit it but they like smart women.
  5. Ask Him Out. Guys are human and fear rejection just like you do so take the first step and ask him out!

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 how to get the guy interestedHow To Get The Guy To Notice You

First of all, you need to decide what “type” of guy you want as a starting place. Do you want a jock, artist, musician or future doctor? Do you want a rich, popular, intelligent, spiritual or quiet man? The first rule is to get involved in the “scene” where they may be lurking. Are you interested in a compliment or a contrast to your own personality?

Knowing some of the answers to these questions can help you focus on the future boyfriend. Guys like girls that are involved in similar activities and interests and who are confident and outgoing as well. Of course there are many different attributes that are attractive to different people, but having a confident and positive attitude looks good on everybody so starting there is crucial. Even if you are shy and quiet, having a bright outlook is going to be a big part of the energy that  you want to have when on your “hunt.”

Tip On How To Get The Guy To Notice You

For example, you and your girls go out for a night of playing pool and your game is not so great, but hanging in there and showing that you are comfortable with just having fun and making mistakes can be a very attractive moment for you. Laughter is a great way to create an atmosphere of fun and welcoming for others. Guys are socialized to be more aggressive and athletic in many situations, so showing that you are not afraid to take these kinds of risks is very sexy. Pool in and of itself is a very sexy sport that allows you to stretch out and lean over a lot, possibly turning a few heads in the process. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE AND GET MORE TIPS HERE


how to get the guyHow To Keep A Guy Interested 

Becoming a part of your guy’s life is going to be instrumental when it comes to creating and shaping memories and joint projects. People who are working together on things exude creativity and imagination which are both very sexy traits. These can be at the simple level, such as making a game schedule or work out plan, to larger projects such as home improvement ideas, vacation plans, photography activities as well as an infinite number of other hobbies and cool things to do when you aren’t slaving away at your job. 

Tip On How To Get A Guy Interested

 Having similar interests or activities that you participate in together can help cement your relationship as well as your friendship and even more importantly-the respect that you may be seeking from a mate. There is nothing more exciting than a mate that is actively working on themselves through their strengths and even a hobby. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE AND GET MORE TIPS HERE


 images (1)How To Get A Guy Back

Now, once you know how to get the guy , there are of course times when a fledgling relationship falls apart or even fails. If you are hooked on this special guy there are some ways to assure that you are still interested and would like to try again without looking ridiculous or desperate. It is a fine line to show yourself, not to make any further drama (most guys hate drama and will run) as well as to give the information that you are fine without them. Guys can get re-interested if they see that your are growing and blossoming without them. It shows that you have the ability to be secure on your own, which is another very sexy trait that you can strengthen and develop in your personality.

Tip On How To Get Your Guy Back

This pull-push dynamic can be fun as an appetizer, but not as a main course. It can become tiring to your mate if you engage in a constant tug-of-war game and not allow the magic to re-emerge and take over. It can also look manipulative if you start to involve other guys and this can back-fire either in raging jealousy and mistrust or lack of interest in a game. No one likes to be the subject of a game, so if you want to know how to get the guy back learn how to  keep your claws in, even if you are feeling needy and weak. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE AND GET MORE TIPS HERE


The fact is that you are going to make mistakes and the best solution, besides having that pint of ice cream at your side,  is getting one of my free guides, but also keeping a good attitude and smile will also be helpful in the long run. Remember that guys like to have fun and be up and out, so keeping your health and energy level on the right track is going to prove to be an asset for your future.